Wednesday, June 24, 2009

elmo with big bird...

elmo is the topping for triple choc cuppies...

big bird is for vanilla cuppies... this big bird likes the silent mode (that's why he didn't open his beaks heheheh...)

ordered by cheq, for her daughter... :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

kids happy-ness usually comes in simple mode

another happy customer came back for a different set of order - a batch of vanilla and a batch of triple choc and theme is happy kids!

triple chocolate - balloons and funfair theme...

and the vanilla - what u can find in the park? in this 'park', u will find bees, bears, butterflies and caterpillars!

is that caterpillar smiling? hehehehe

winnie the pooh? nah...

and these bees are without wings! heheheh....

repeat order

a repeat order from a happy customer, hari tu tak cukup... so she asked for another batch of triple chocolate and chocolate chip cupcakes.

all done! fuhh... tukang masak dah seisi rumah memang selalu terliur bila tgk berbatch2 cake baru masak... (apa? diet? hahahha)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

love ur parents

a nice lady called, asking for cuppies as a gift for her parents. she had a lot of questions (hehehhe takpe dear... more questions make thing clearer)

she ordered orange choc cupcakes (but i dont have that) so i made these - orange vanilla cuppies topped with orange choc ganache.... tasted great cos the orangy flavour kinda give u zesty feelings :D
so, theme, i chose floral cos generally parents love gardening heheh (or was it just my parents and parents-in-law?) plus, flower makes them more relax...

hope she likes this...

elmo's world

a fren requested for elmo.... my first try...
(cheq, penuhi piawai ko x?) heheee
yg terlebih excited was my son... "elmo la!!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

all u need is love

i got this order 2 days ago and had to came up with a simple but nice - idea...
she wanted something to do with crazy lourve... hmmm... somebody must be in love here :D (wink wink...)
chosen red and white with love all over it...

hope she likes the design as well as the cakes!

wedding door gift

just completed my first major event (hehehe...)

got an order of 500 cupcakes, for a friend's brother's wedding in PJ

it was a kelamkabut job for me cos a week b4 d-day, my maid ran away (long story, ok) and i was lucky enuf, got a replacement just a day b4 the day i was supposed to deliver the cuppies.
... still it was kelamkabut for me
BUT, managed to get it done!
BUT, forgot to take pictures (aiseh...)
BUT, the feedback from client came back positive!!! alhamdulillah.... wat the client feels is all that matter, right...

next wedding job... anyone???

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bright butterfly in garden theme...

received order from a friend...

'my company is having orange day...'
... what is that???
'as long as it is nice and main colour is bright orange!'
... ok je
so... came up with this, butterflies among roses in the garden..
hope she likes it :D

Thursday, June 4, 2009

anniversary order from a loving husband (not mine ok...)

received an order from a friend, he wanted to surprise his wife by giving cupcakes for their 3rd anniversary...

so... first, i made some roses, which says a lot about i-love-u thingy :D

and the cupcake, he chose vanilla... nyummm... these were freshly baked...

the vanilla cuppies were topped with chocolate ganache!!! my fav choc topping...

side view....
nicely packed in a box with three ribbons indicating 3 years of happy married life - and more years to come :D:D