Wednesday, July 29, 2009

raya munchies

Sugarbites' RAYA MUNCHIES (not cookies... :D)
our HONEY NUTS CORNFLAKES are ever so crunchy and sweet...
and our HONEY MUESLI CORNFLAKES can be called healthy snacks with chewy texture and tasty with blended taste of honey, cornflakes, oats and raisins
terkenang semasa dulu....? try KUEH KAPIT or SALABIKIN SESAME for sesame lovers

all munchies taste great! good serving for hari raya, great munchies over long awaited chats and talks from relatives and old friends :-)

Looking forward for Ramadhan...
selamat berpuasa and may it be a month full of ibadah for all of us!

honey nuts cornflakes n honey muesli conrflakes - 48cups in a jar
kueh kapit jar is 11cm height, 4 kapits in a layer
salabikin sesame is +-280gm per jar

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